Removing Skin Tags
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Dermatology Skin Tags

How doe the experts suggest skin tag removal?

Skin Tag Removal
Untitled Document Skin tags, also know as an achrochordon is a a harmless, benign skin growth that is attached to to the body by a short stalk. The most common areas where skin tags are found are on the eyelids, underarms, neck and the groin area. Some people are more susceptible to skin tags either because they are overweight, heredity many other unknown reasons. People with diabetes and pregnant women tend to be more prone to skin tags. Dermatologist say that both men and women are equally effected by skin tags. As an individual with skin tags gets older they tend to get more over time.

While there are many treatments you can use at home for removing unsightly skin tags, another option is to visit your Dermatologist for a removal procedure. There are several procedures your dermatologist can perform for skin tag removal.

The skin tag is burned off the skin using heat from electrolysis.

The skin tag is frozen off of the skin using liquid nitrogen.

The skin tag is removed by interrupting the blood supply to the tag.

The skin tag is cut off with a scalpel.

Many of these procedures that are offered by dermatologist can often be pricey and not to mention painful. Dermatologist have recommended treatments that can be used at home for a much lower cost and much less discomfort.