Removing Skin Tags
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Eyelid Skin Tags

Do you want to get your eyelid skin tags removed safely?

Skin Tag Removal

3 options for removing eyelid skin tags

Eyelid skin tags are as similar to, and as harmless as other skin tags. They are benign skin growths that are also called acrochordons or papillomas that develop in both men and women. They are not only found on the eyelids, but may also occur under the arms, on the neck, under breasts and in the groin area.

All skin tags range between 1mm to 5cm in size, and are harmless. It is only because they are annoying, get irritated by clothing and jewelry and may interfere with routine work like shaving and make up that people consider removing skin tags.

In case of eyelid skin tags, people consider removing eyelid skin tags mainly because they can be irritating when you blink so many times in a day. Removing eyelid skin tags is relatively simple, and can be done at home. To find out about effective home removal options, click here.

Why people go to the doctor

However there are many people who prefer going to the doctor for eyelid skin tag removal for various reasons. Some of them are rather squeamish in nature, and are not actually comfortable removing eyelid skin tags on their own.

There are some people who prefer having a doctor remove their eyelid skin tags as they don’t want to take the risk of doing something wrong. This is due to the fact that the skin tags are close to such a sensitive organ, the eye.

However to the doctor, removing eyelid skin tags is one of the most common forms of skin tag removal they have to deal with everyday. To remove eyelid skin tags, they use a sharp surgical tool to snip off the skin tag at its base. They apply a band-aid to the area to control its bleeding.

How you can remove it on your own

Since doctors use sharp surgical tools to remove these skin tags, people generally prefer having the eyelid skin tag removed by a doctor. In addition to this, by having the eyelid skin tag removed by a doctor, you reduce the risk of something going wrong and damaging your eye during its removal.

However if you are confident of removing the eyelid skin tags on your own, there is an alternative method you can use, which does not involve any sharp instruments. You could try tying a little piece of string around the base of each of the skin tags. By doing this, the blood circulation to the skin tags is stopped, wherein the tags die and fall off after some time.

Try an over the counter product

Besides these removal methods, there are also quite a few over the counter applications you can use to remove your skin tags. However if you opt to use these OTC applications, find out if they are safe for use on the eyes. Go through the review of the product to find out if anyone has used it in removing eyelid skin tags, and if there are any risks or side effects to using the product.

With so many options available for eyelid skin tag removal, it is now up to you to choose the right removal method to use to remove your eyelid skin tags.