Removing Skin Tags
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Facial Skin Tags

Have you been wanting to get rid of your facial skin tags?

Skin Tag Removal

Facial skin tag removal options

Facial skin tags are a great reason for embarrassment to the people suffering from them. Skin tags are extra, benign skin growths that are harmless and painless. They are also called papillomas and acrochordons and found mainly on the face and wherever skin folds like the neck, armpits, under breasts and in the groin.

Facial skin tags vary in size from 1 mm to 5 cm. They first look like tiny bumps on the face, and can be irritating and painful when rubbed while applying makeup. They are the smallest at the start, which is why its better to consider facial skin tag removal at this stage.

Over the counter products help remove skin tags by weakening its base and making them fall off. However it is always better to read reviews about these products to find out which is the best, most effective and safest product to use for facial skin tag removal.

Have an expert decide the best treatment

A better option is to have a dermatology expert decide on the best facial skin tag removal. Facial skin tag removal has to be done with perfection as you wouldn’t want any scars or marks of the skin tags to remain on your face after its removal.

The options you have for facial skin tag removal are many. It includes cryotherapy where the skin is frozen using liquid nitrogen or a cryoprobe. In cauterization, the skin tag is burnt off the skin using electrolysis equipment.

Ligation is another option you have where the skin tag is tightly tied using a sharp thread, and left for a few days. The skin tag eventually dried out and falls off. If you opt for facial skin tag removal through these methods, be ready for mild swelling and redness, which subsides in a few days’ time.

Natural treatments are better options

In excision, the skin tag is cut off using a pair of scissors or a blade. However there is a risk here as if the procedure is not done properly, there is a chance of scarring. A better option would be to use natural treatments like natural oils to remove facial skin tags which are painless, and without any scars.

There are also some home remedies you can try for facial skin tag removal. Soak a teaspoon of fenugreek in a cup of water, and leave overnight. This water should be drank next morning on an empty stomach, after which nothing should be eaten or drank for half an hour.

Try applying apple cider vinegar to the facial skin tag with a cotton swab for three to four hours, and wash off with tap water. This helps in the snipping off of the skin tag. Even warm Margosa oil gives the same results when used in the same way.

All these facial skin tag removal options are effective in removing facial skin tags. however, remember that there is always the chance of it recurring as the cause for skin tags is not known and not treated.