Removing Skin Tags
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Large Skin Tags

Do you have any large skin tags that could potentially be affecting your health and need to be removed.

Skin Tag Removal

How to remove large skin tags

Skin tags are a skin condition both men and women suffer from. The smallest skin tags are 1 mm in size while large skin tags are 5cm in size. Though harmless and painless, these skin tags can get irritating if caught on your jewelry or when they rub against your clothes.

Small skin tags are not that bothersome. It is the large skin tags that most people try to remove. There are various options you can choose from for removing a large skin tag.

The first option you have is more of a home treatment where you have to cut off the blood supply to the skin tag. This can be done tying a small piece of thread or dental floss to the base of the tag. The knot should be snug, and after a few days time, you will find the tag drying out and falling off on its own. For those of you looking for a natural remedy, click here.

Use regular duct tape

Another option is applying regular duct tape to the skin tag. Make sure the tape completely covers the large skin tag and leave it on for a day or a few days. If you see the tape getting loose, check to see if the tag falls off. This can be repeated for a few days till you get the results you desire.

There are many over the counter medications you could also try for removing a large skin tag. Our personal preference has always been to use the products offered at All you have to do is apply these medications on the skin tags and leave for a few hours. The skin tags gradually fall off. This procedure will have to be repeated as these skin tags are large, and may not fall off with a single application.

These healing processes for these large skin tag removal options change from person to person. The results depend on the quantity and size of the skin tag. The more tags there are, and the larger it is, the longer it takes. Some people may require two weeks for elimination, and others, six weeks.

Doctors offer fast removal options

If you don’t have the patience to wait for the skin tags to fall off, you could go to the doctor to have them removed in a matter of minutes. Though these options facilitate fast large skin tag removal, they are more expensive than home and over the counter remedy.

With cryotherapy, the skin tags are frozen using liquid nitrogen, which makes the skin tags fall off. Another option the doctor may use is electrocautery where the skin tags are electrically burnt off using electrolysis equipment.

In case of excision, the doctor snips off the large skin tag at its base using a pair of sterilized sharp scissors or blade. The skin tag falls off and then some antibiotic cream or solution is applied to the region to prevent infections. The doctor may apply a band aid at the spot if there is some bleeding.

No matter what option you choose for removing large skin tags, you have to remember that while the skin tag will not re-grow at the same place again; there is a chance of skin tags appearing at some other place later on.