Removing Skin Tags
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Skin Tag Treatment

Are you searching for a way to get your skin tag treated?

Skin Tag Removal

Types of skin tag treatment

Skin tags are harmless pieces of skin mostly found in the neck, eyelids, face, armpits, groins and under armpits. They don’t actually require any treatment as they are harmless. However many people consider skin tag treatment for cosmetic regions as it leaves the skin smooth and attractive.

Some people also opt for skin tags treatment because of the discomfort they experience when the skin tags rub against clothing and other jewelry item or skin. sometimes, there may be a change in the color or shape of the skin tag. As this indicates a possible health risk, some people prefer having their skin tags removed. If you are someone who prefers natural removal, click here to find the best removal options for you.

There are many options to choose from for skin tag treatment. Though a removed skin tag does not grow back, there is always a chance for others to develop again. Of the many skin tags treatment options available, cryotherapy is the most popular option available.


In cryotherapy, the tags are frozen using liquid nitrogen. This kills the cells, which makes skin tags fall off. Cryotherapy is carried out in the physician’s office and if the patient has a low tolerance for pain, local anesthetic may be used. In case of large skin tags, the procedure is repeated a few times with additional trips to the doctor’s office.

In cauterization, heat is used instead of freezing. After destroying cells, the doctor uses scissors to remove the tag. Doctors usually use anesthetics in cauterization. The advantage of this skin tag treatment is that it prevents loss of blood and facilitates quick recovery of the area.

Ligation is also a popular skin tags treatment option. It uses a string to cut off the tag’s blood supply, which leads to the tag’s shrinking and falling off. Ligation does not cause much damage to surrounding skin and is not that painful.

Cost of skin tags treatment

The different types of skin tags treatment options have different rates and costs. In addition to it, there are various factors to consider to determine the cost of the treatment. The size of the skin tag and the removal option you choose determines the cost. The average you can expect for skin tag treatment is $150.

Before you decide to use these skin tags treatment options to remove skin tags, remember that medical insurance does not cover skin tag removal costs. This is because skin tags are considered to be cosmetic deformities. However, just check up with your insurance company to find out if they provide coverage for the skin tag treatment or not.

Herbal and home remedies

A cheaper removal option you can opt for is use of herbal ointments. All you have to do is apply them to the skin tags once or twice a day for a few days. Pretty soon the skin tags fall off on their own accord.

You could also use home remedies for skin tag treatment. Though effective and painless, these remedies take longer to work and don’t require the services of a physician. Examples of home remedies are application of pastes of tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar or castor oil with baking powder.