Removing Skin Tags
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Treatment for skin tags

Do you want to freeze your skin tags?

Skin Tag Removal

Cryotherapy as a popular treatment for skin tags

Skin tags are found mostly in adults, in both men and women. They are benign skin growths found predominantly in the skin folds of the body like neck, armpits, groin and on eyelids. Though harmless, many people look for treatment for skin tags to make their skin smooth, perfect and attractive.

Another reason some people want to remove skin tags is because it can be irritating when it rubs against jewelry and skin. There are no proven causes of skin tags, but it is attributed to a combination of aging skin, rubbing and friction in skin area.

Other treatment options

There are various treatment options for skin tags like ligation, cauterization and cryotherapy or freezing skin tags. There is also the effective choice of natural skin tag remova, but freezing skin tags or cryosurgery is a popular treatment for removing skin tags.

It can be carried out with or without any local anesthesia; the decision lies in the patient’s pain tolerance levels. Cryotherapy need not be carried out at a hospital; the physician may also perform it at their clinic, if they have the necessary instruments to carry it out.

Cryotherapy basically freezes the skin tags using liquid nitrogen. It is easy to do and carries minimal risk. There are three main techniques used in freezing liquid nitrogen skin tags.

Three techniques in cryotherapy

The most common means to freeze skin tags can also be used to remove other benign skin tags like moles and warts. Here a cotton swab or any other similar appliance is dipped in cryogen, which is an extremely cold substance and is usually liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius.

The swab is quickly applied to the skin tag to freeze and thus kill the growth of cells. It is based on the size of the tag that it is decided if another round of cryogen has to be applied for complete skin tag freeze. The larger the skin tags, the higher the likelihood for a second round.

Another option for freezing skin tags involves spraying cryogen directly on the skin tag or wart. The procedure usually takes 5 to 20 seconds, again depending on the size of the skin tag. The larger it is, the longer the process takes.

Another technique involves using a pre-cooled probe, which is frozen with cryogen, to destroy the skin tags. Once again, depending on the size of the skin tag, the method may take a minute or longer.

Benefits of freezing skin tags

Besides being an easy and simple procedure, only a few minutes are required to freeze skin tags. Cryotherapy is also beneficial as when compared to removal of skin tags using surgical incision, there are fewer risks involved here. Moreover, with cryotherapy, the person’s body immune system is stimulated, wherein it boosts the body’s resistance to fighting cancerous and malignant growths.

With cryotherapy offering minimal risks, being quick and easy to implement and as it helps the body develop resistance against malignant growths, it is clearly a better option to freeze skin tags if you want to get rid of them.