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What Causes Skin Tags

Are you wondering what causes skin tags?

Skin Tag Removal

What Causes Skin Tags

If you have ever had a skin tag you are aware on how annoying they can be, depending on where on the body they occur. If you have had them removed you are already aware of the different procedures you are able to consider when having a skin tag removed. So what causes skin tags and are they preventable?

The cause of skin tags is something that is unpreventable. You are not able to avoid a skin tag completely. If a skin tag is not bothering you and they are not becoming irritated skin tags, there is no reason to remove them if you don’t want to. In the end if you decide to have your skin tags removed you will always question how to remove skin tags properly. The answer to this is head to your doctor's office. They are able to provide you with the correct way when it comes to removing skin tags that have become irritated.

Have you been wondering what causes skin tags? Don't worry we can explain to you the causes of all skin tags and how you may be able to reduce the chances of you ending up with one.

Causes of skin tags would be chaffing or irritation from the skin rubbing against another part of skin or even clothing. Other skin tags causes would be hormonal change, the HP (Human Papilloma) virus, and illegal use of steroids that will interfere with the muscles in the body, which then causes collagen fibers to bond to the skin and form a skin tag.

Skin tag causes have also been known on a few in particular such as pregnant women, obese individuals, and when you start to age. If you do not have any of these symptoms, skin tags can still form on your body for no apparent reason. There are about 45 percent of individuals who develop skin tags in their life. Also people who suffer from type 2 diabetes will notice skin tags more frequently

The causes of skin tags can be something that will just come out of the blue. But the most prominent way to receive skin tags would be the rubbing of the skin against another part of skin or even clothing that irritates the skin. The warmer weather may be the time which you may notice you become prone to skin tags. This is due to the clammy skin that occurs when you sweat. The pores are opened and your skin is more irritated than normal. Just always remember that skin tags can be removed and they are nothing more than an extra flap of skin that is growing. They cannot be contagious nor will they become infected unless they are irritated more and more each day. If so, make sure you check for the options to consider when removing skin tags.

Just remember when you question yourself "what causes skin tags," it can be a few different reasons but in the end there is really no way to avoid a skin tag.